Production Listings for July 20

TV series is asking us for authentic 1960s recordings of Vietnamese music.

Television series asking for vintage recordings, or vintage sounding Christmas music. Muzak style-quirky.

Could be public domain or original, as long as the sound like, or are from the mid 1980s, or earlier.

Vocals and instrumentals.

Job search app ad is looking for a song in the vein of Zoe Fox's "New Note".

Song should not be cheesy nor melancholy, but they like the dreamy and optomistic acoustic feel of the above reference.

The ad spot will look and feel cinematic as well.  Due Sunday 6 PM PST.

Military television series is looking for songs with the following themes-lyrics:
Family, brotherhood, facing adversity, standing up for yourself, doing what’s right, getting through it together, learning to re-evaluate yourself / the situation, doing your job, finding meaning in life, following your gut, life and death, grieving, loss, next man up.

Dark country, modern rock, americana, dark country, classic rock, modern classical with vocals.

No modern pop songs needed!

Television series looking for big sounding sports Hip Hop. Themes about making it, determination,

winning, overcoming challenges, self determination, fight, etc.

Television series is looking for songs in the vein of Rush, Creedence Clearwater, The Everly Brothers, and Johnny Cash.

Documentary is asking for Blues and Soul and R&B and Hip Hop. Vintage and contemporary recordings.

Songs and songwriters that are from and / or  have sounds that fit in with Chicago the City preferred.

Lyrics about Chicago will work, as are lyrics about everyday living in Chicago.

TV series is asking us for Spanish songs recorded in the 1950s and 1960s.

Vocals only. Male or female.

Indie movie is asking us for vintage German pop songs recorded in the 1960s. Male or female vocals.

Kind of like Lesley Gore style, but in German.

Feature film in production is asking us for 1960s vintage recordings
 that have a race, political or patriotic feeling, and or message.

Looking for songwriters or bands with ORIGINAL songs that are produced and sound close to name recording acts.

Examples: Bowie, Etta James,  Jagger, Joe Cocker, Creedence, U2, Dean Martin, Nat Cole, Sammy Davis, and more.