Production Listings / Updated June 26

Major hospital commercial is looking for a song sung in Spanish in the vein of Patsy Cline. Kind of a 50s-60s vibe. Today!

Bank ad is looking for rock songs that have a 10 second or so solo drum intro, or tambourine intro, before the song kicks in with a "bam". Uptempo song;  Catchy with hooks. By Monday morning latest. Modern rock, but nothing too old.  Refer to the bands "Jet", and "Eagles of Death Metal".

Documentary is looking for a close replacement for this song: "Im Afraid Of Americans"- David Bowie & Trent Reznor.

Lyrics can be political, and about America, which is a plus.

Motion picture is looking for some male sung French songs similar to those of Charles Trenet and Yvez Montand. Asap!

TV series looking for old school sounding and newer sounding songs sung in French. Female vocals preferred.

Motion picture looking for authentic sounding music from Thailand.

Motion picture documentary looking for an original song recorded in the later 1950s to late 1960s similar

to "Chances Are", by Johnny Mathis. Same tempo and vibe.

Motion picture is looking for songs in Italian recorded in the 1940s and into the 1960s. Originals only!

TV series will be looking for international songs from  Somalia, Vietnam and Colombia.

Bands and songwriters with mid tempo songs for TV and movies. Nothing too fast or hard rock. Looking for some originality in songwriting.

Make our day... we are tired of hearing love song after love song. 

Open to hearing original songs from bands and songwriters who have voices and styles similar to known recording artists from the 1950s to the 1980s. Mick Jagger, Dean Martin, Peggy Lee, David Bowie, Nina Simone, John Fogerty, Elton John, Joe Cocker, etc.