Production Listings for January 14

Furniture retail company is looking for a song similar to Woodkid;s "Run Boy Run" for their next ad.

Commercial looking for a song that can replace The Carpenter's "Close To You".

Motion picture looking for original recordings similar to I Put A Spell On You,  Shake Rattle, Roll, and My Boyfriends Back.

We are looking for the styles of music that modern radio is NOT playing, as they do not dictate

what is being used in media projects.

TV movie looking for vintage country music recordings from 1980 to 1990.

Television series is looking for all types of songs recorded between 1980-1985.

Must be originals, and with broadcast quality sound.

We have projects seeking modern singer songwriter, or band songs with themes about everyday life. Obstacles, Friends, Success,

Women Power, Men Power, Money, Challenges, Being Free. Male or female vocals. Electronic influences okay
Nothing too "pop" sounding.