Production Listings for January 18

All paying projects

(For those who have good matches, contact us directly by email or phone).

New retail oriented ad spot is looking for songs in the vein of the following:

The Triangles- "Applejack", and Janey - "Today Could Be The Day".

Songs need to be uplifting, accessible, have general appeal and hopefully an ear wormy hook (be it vocal or instrumental). 

Need by Sunday 3 PM PST.

Television series is looking for the following:

Tagalog / Filipino lyrics:  pop / pop rock / soft rock / top 40 / contemporary style singer-songwriter,

and country, classic rock, etc. Bar music style too. No hip hop.

TV series is looking for Americana and country rock with male vocals only.

Reference acts: Johnny Cash, Wild Feathers, The Allman Brothers, and similar.

Looking for more modern sounding versions of the above, and not classic rock or country.

New television series is stocking up on "edgy Americana" songs. Songs should apply to a 20-30 year old demographic.

Theme examples:  Being under pressure; competitiveness; never giving up; being on edge; hard work; loneliness; mental illness; saving yourself "from" yourself; identity; reconnecting; love triangle; fighting personal demons; jealousy.

TV series is interested in hearing from songwriters from Idaho, and nearby with new songs not yet out, or just coming out.

Regional sounding music.  Male and female vocals.

Television movie in early production is looking for female sung modern pop Christmas songs.

Can be either originals, or songs in the public domain, like Jingle Bells, etc.