Production Listings for November 20

All paying projects

(For those who have good matches, contact us directly by email or phone).

Ad spot looking for songs in the vein of José González - "Stay Alive".  Need ideas ASAP!

Motion picture looking for original songs in the vein of Rick James / The Barkays

Motion picture is looking for late 1980s-1990s authentic rap recordings of songs similar to those of

Dr. Dre. Snoop Dog, and other similar acts from that time period.

Mainly clean lyrics and no samples.

Movie looking for 1990s recordings in the vein of  the R&B pop group TLC, and similar R&B from that decade.

Looking for songs in the vein of Etta James and Nina Simone.

"At Last" is a good reference song for Etta James.

Must sound vintage or be actual recordings from the past.

Numerous projects we are working on are in need of cool, contemporary sounding songs from bands and songwriters.

No modern radio pop for this one. Indie bands and songwriters with strong lyrics and a great sound.