.Production Listings for October 23

Car commercial is in need of some great sounding songs similar to Kasabian's - "Ill Ray (The King)"

Need the energy and feel to be similar.

Commercial is looking for some great sounding songs similar to Image Dragon's "Thunder".

Online casino games advertisement is looking for original songs recorded in the 1950s and up to the late 1980s.

Lyrics-themes should be about "spinning, winning, jackpot, slot/slots/slotting/slot machines. Uptempo and positive.

No real hard rock.

Television series looking for a traditional Jewish song to replace "Basarabye", by Itzhak Perlman.

Looking for the following:  Music videos to place in gyms, bars, bowling alleys, hair salons etc.

Retail store projects are looking for new pop oriented songs. Pop rock, pop urban, pop dance, pop indie, pop retro, adult contemporary.

No slow ballads nor hard rock. No Hip Hip.
Retail store project is looking for new Christmas songs. Can be originals or those in the public domain.
No hip hop, rap, country, hard rock nor metal.  Songwriter, pop, classic oldies, crooner, jazz, adult contemporary all okay.
Nothing too slow. Need good background "shopping music".
Network television series is asking us for authentic recordings made in the early to mid to late 1930s.
Could be Blues, Americana, Folk, Country, Black Gospel.

 Looking for modern sounding singer songwriter songs with lyrics that are "mature" and "timeless", and speaking about everyday life.
No songs though that are very "pop" sounding.