Production Listings for March 25

All paying projects

(For those who have good matches, contact us directly by email or phone).

New television series is asking for the following:

Vintage Goth / Goth Rock recorded in 1995, or before.

References: Siouxsie And The Banshees - "Spellbound ", Cocteau Twins - "When Mama Was Moth".

The Sisters of Mercy - "More". The Cure - "The Funeral Party".

Social media project is looking for hip hop and R&B that fits in with the early 2000s.

Reference artist: 112. Stick with clean lyrics. Due Tuesday 10 AM PST.

MTV style television series is looking for songs about "dating", "hanging out", "romance", "drinking", "partying",

"fighting", "jealousy", "girls", etc. Lyrics that tie in to the dating world.

Songs need to be modern songwriter or band styles, with some elements of electronic in them.

TV series looking for vintage songs recorded between 1930 and 1941. Vocals preferred, but open to non vocals.

TV series looking for J Pop songs. Male or female. Uptempo. Happy, positive.

General request for Hip Hop with themes about "boxing", "sports in general".  Different tempos.

Must have clean lyrics, no samples, great quality. Macho lyrics are good.

We don't list all of the projects we are working on, so get in contact if you have other music styles suitable for media uses.