Submission Policy and Suggestions

  • New to NOMA Music? The best way to have us initially preview your songs is to direct us to a website where we can stream and listen. Reverbnation, Soundcloud, etc. Around ten songs is a good start.

        We'll ask for more if we are interested.

  • We prefer that you control 100 percent of the master recordings, the writers shares, and the publishing rights for any songs offered to us. If any of the songs, or the writers, are assigned or signed with a third party publisher, administrator, etc, we cannot work with that particular song unless they are pre-cleared with us ahead of time.

  •  Do not attach mp3s into emails and send our way unless we request for you to do so.  Make sure that you have your songs labeled with a name, song title, etc. so we know who sent it in. Any non-solicited songs sent in will not be listened to.

  • Though we tend to work with and get requests for most styles of music, production demands do change, and some styles will become "hotter" than others, depending on a number of variable. Check the Music Wanted page to get an idea on some of our current music needs.

  •  We are looking for those who are original, and not the copycats that imitate the trends.

  • Due to an increasing amount of music coming our way, we do try to respond to all inquiries, but we will definitely contact those back who have music that we feel will fit in best with our ongoing needs and requests.

  •  For record labels, managers and management companies, music attorneys, publishing companies, and those representing multiple acts, we recommend phoning in directly.

  • If you prefer human contact, we can take phone calls on (805)-498-4900, and we are located on the west coast of the USA.